Same old: OpenGL 2D drawing lines?

This is a variation on the same old question: how to do some OpenGL ES drawing (ideally that also works on WebGL) using OpenFL or - for me, better yet - Lime alone. I have been reading up on GLES and the examples from OpenFL & Lime, and elsewhere, but it is still a tad over my head. I am hoping somebody in these forums has Lime Haxe code that is a minimal example of drawing a triangle. :stuck_out_tongue: It helps to have a few different examples so I can try to “triangulate” my learning. Thanks for any pointers to concise examples (a) beyond the regular OpenFL/Lime examples (b) that are written in Haxe-OpenFL/Lime, not random other languages.

This might help:

You could take a look at the Lime “HelloWorld”, “SimpleImage” or “BunnyMark” for a sense of a basic GL project, but instead of drawing quads, the above shows how you can just push vertices for a triangle instead

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