Run script when trying to install version 8.9.1

while trying to get a haxe / openFL combo operational I run into the following error:
“Library openfl version 8.9.1 does not have a run script” when running haxelib run openfl setup.
I am on MacOS 10.13.6.
What am I missing?
Thanks so much and excuses if this is a simple issue, I just made the leap to Haxe and getting a bit overwhelmed.

Could you check what haxelib list and haxelib path openfl return?

haxelib list:
openfl: [8.9.1]
haxelib path openfl:
-D openfl=8.9.1


shall I go with the standart install location ?
I usually keep all my SDKs etc in one place in my Docs folder

Ok. I ran the whole procedure again and this time it worked. I am on a quite flaky internet connection.
I guess the package was somehow corrupt.
Excuse the noise.