Run custom tool with "lime update"


I’m working on an ios facebook extension, and I want to make it as easy of use as possible.
The thing is, for iOs, you have to manually add some facebook id in the plist of your xcode project.

And everytime you use “lime update ios” , you have to add those informations again.

I want it to be automatic, like the android version.

I could simply use a template for the plist, but I think using template for extension is a bad practice because if you use several extensions that use templates for the same files, you’ll probably have troubles.

So what I want to do is a haxelib run command for the extension that will add the needed part in the plist.

And I would like it to be run when i build or update the projet when i use lime build, test or update.

is there a tag I can add in my include.xml that will run a custom command when updating or building ?

I guess i can do what I want by using the hxp project format, but I was just wondering if I could do that with xml format.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

As you know, Android extensions have a system to merge separate AndroidManifest.xml files, and have an Android class they can use to hook in.

I wonder if there’s some mechanism for iOS that would enable the same. We could consider some basic type of plist merging manually, but something built into the tools would be better. I wonder if there’s some “child library” mechanism that could do it, or maybe *.frameworks can do something?

Well that would be cool but sadly I didn’t see anything like that :’(

I made a run tool just to add what is needed. I’ll look what I can do with the hxp project format.