rootPath at lime5.0.2/openfl5.1.2 don't work

target: HTML
at lime5.0.2/openfl5.1.2 rootPath don’t work:
lime.embed ("module", "openfl-content", 800, 600, { background : "000000", rootPath : "/test/" });

at lime4.1.0/openfl5.0.0 it was worked

what is wrong?

I found reason: lime\5,0,2\templates\haxe\ still check assetsPrefix:

if (config != null && Reflect.hasField (config, "assetsPrefix")) { rootPath = Reflect.field (config, "assetsPrefix");

however lime.embed don’t fill config.assetsPrefix as it is in 4.1.0

So template ManifestResources.hx need to be fixed

Thank you! Fixed and confirmed on dev :success: