Retrieve meta title from project.xml?

Is it possible to retrieve title String from project.xml on runtime?


<meta title="TitleOfApp" package=... />

result should be “TitleOfApp”.

In project.xml:

<set name="title" value="TitleOfApp" />
<meta title="${title}" />
<haxedef name="title" value="${title}" />

In Haxe:

var title:String = haxe.macro.Compiler.getDefine("title");
trace(title); //TitleOfApp
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Thx for answer.

I was thinking if this meta is accessible somehow in a special way, but above solution will have to do.

If you are not using OpenFL legacy, try:[0].title;
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Thx @singmajesty, so this is what I’ve been looking for:, it has version, build number, company… awesome! :smile: