Restoring a Flash project using Away3D

I am converting an old Flash project made using Away3D: I am adapting AS3 code, and I am wondering if I can use the old 3D models exported as AS3 code + ASD models, obviously converting the AS3 code to Haxe in some way.
I hope this is possible, otherwise this project could easily turn to a daylight nightmare.

What version of Away3D? Away3D 4, or Away3D 3?

We’ve ported Away3D 4, but Away3D 3 worked quite differently

the current version for Openfl is 5 (?!). The old Flash project was using… let’s check… 4.

Okay, well you’re in luck. That’s what is the basis of our version of Away3D. Pixel Bender shaders are not working, as well as some kinds of ATF textures, but otherwise I believe Away3D is working properly :slight_smile:

So how do I convert the AS3 model files? Are there guidelines?

I believe we support the same model formats, you’ll just need to convert AS3 to Haxe, obviously

Ok, I will try a 1:1 conversion of the AS3 parts, thank you!