@:require(flash11) ImageDecodingPolicy not found

After about 6 months of inactivity I dusted off my repo, hoping to get back into my personal project. I updated all my libraries, upkept the engine with all the changes, and now everything is back to normal. Then I do a git pull on my laptop, to get all the changes I just made on my desktop, along with a haxelib upgrade, but for some reason the laptop throws a compile error on this line.

#if flash
@:noCompletion @:dox(hide) @:require(flash11) public var imageDecodingPolicy:flash.system.ImageDecodingPolicy;

My game.xml has

<set name="SWF_VERSION" value="11.8" />

and my standalone debugger is v14. any idea what I’m doing wrong?

By the way, I’m on the latest FlashDevelop, I went to Tools > Install software and upgraded the flash player, not I’m getting an error in ContextMenuClipboardItems, on this line

so I downloaded the latest Haxe, now the builds succeed, but it brings up a flash player window that doesn’t match what I put in my project settings. It appears to create a swf, and when i run it, it looks right, and FD debugging works but why do I have to run it this way?

I think that FlashDevelop’s default, and Windows’ default, may point to different standalone Flash projector EXEs?