Rendering of Starling's DisplayObjects and it's associated BlendMode

If I do something like this:

var bitmap:openfl.display.Bitmap = new openfl.display.Bitmap(openfl.Assets.getBitmapData("img/someImage.jpg"));
bitmap.blendMode = openfl.display.BlendMode.SUBTRACT;

and compile for HTML5, I can see the BlendMode being applied using the appropriate OpenGL commands (blendFunc blendEquation) in openfl.display.OpenGLRenderer

Now I’m wondering - if I do something similar using the 1.8 branch of Starling e.g.

var img:starling.display.Image=new starling.display.Image(someTexture);
img.blendMode = starling.display.BlendMode.ADD;

it doesn’t seem to utilize OpenGLRenderer.

Where is the OpenGL blendFunc & equation set for Starling’s DisplayObjects?

Nevermind. I seems this is taken care of here