Render SVG on legacy mode

Hello, i render svg file into shape. Legacy svg looks not smooth.
How is it possible somehow to smooth output image?



If you got the render in next I’m assuming your app is compatible with it,
any reasons to stay with legacy?

Or maybe this is just a limited test to show the issue?

There is reasons:
In next mode

  1. output apk file is bigger on 10-15%;
  2. low runtime performance. fps is 30-35 against stable 60 in legacy.
  3. back key doesn’t work properly:
    Android. Can’t prevent Back button event on Next
    So i would rather wait few openfl updates. At the moment legacy is better for me :smile:

This is a side-effect of hardware. The above images use both hardware and software rendering, that’s the newer code is better looking, and depending on what you do, more accurate… but if you redraw constantly, it won’t be ideal to software render over and over. The only way to smooth on legacy is to bitmapData.draw or cacheAsBitmap, but you’ll lose performance