Render Starling stage above openfl stage

Is it possible to render Starling stage above openfl stage?

__onLimeRender in openfl.display.Stage does the Stage3D render before calling __renderer.render() but you could try reversing them

…I wonder though if there’s another way to accomplish what you want?

I want this, because if Away3D or Starling rendering can be topped, that’s a great thing.

But this may have new problems, and the more ideal state is:

  • openfl layer
  • startling or away3d layer
  • openfl layer

I want to try to play spine or dragonbones animations on the top of openfl stage, because openfl tilemaps doesn’t support color transform :frowning:

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Tilemaps do support colortransform :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tiles have a colorTransform property and the tilemap itself has it under transform.colorTransform

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Yeah I think its only blend mode it doesn’t support?

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Tiles support (extremely limited) blend modes.

I think ADD or MULTIPLY are working. (It is one of those since I use tilemaps to render particle systems and the blending of particles for fire effects work)