Renaine Game Website written completely in OpenFL


Hello OpenFL community! I’d thought I’d share my experimental project to build a website using OpenFL whitch went incredibly well, and as such will no longer be experimental :smiley:

The project was quite enjoyable to create, I was able to create a mobile and desktop website with the exact same code, I hardly had to deal with the nightmare that is html positioning. And although the load time isn’t quite what I want on the mobile side it made up with the high resolution/performance.


  • The gif in the middle and the discord iframe is haxe created html overtop.
  • The particle effect is a tilemap
  • framework used with openfl, App
  • Tweening done using Actuate
  • Took around 9 hours, a lot of testing and trying new things out.
  • 255 lines of code.
  • Oh and Renaine is written in haxeflixel funny enough so the game is also underneath OpenFL.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see how certain elements were done, cheers!


website is now unavailable

Sorry I updated it thanks for letting me know try now Website

I think I’ll have a closer look at App :slight_smile:
The game also looks great, heavily inspired by Shovel Knight, isn’t it?

Hey that’s great contact me if you want more from the framework or would like to start a serious project with it, I can try to help out resource wise. As for shovel night inspiration I asked Squidy the creator and he said “Spelunky, Super Mario World, Sonic, Kirby, and a touch of Metroid” inspired Renaine :slight_smile: