Removed files after updating my android game from Google Play

For my persistent data I am using this directory

rootFolder = new String(“backUpFolder”);

#if desktop
absolutePathToFolder = lime.system.System.userDirectory + rootFolder + “\”;
#elseif !lime_legacy
absolutePathToFolder = lime.system.System.applicationStorageDirectory + rootFolder + “\”;
absolutePathToFolder = openfl.utils.SystemPath.applicationStorageDirectory + rootFolder + “\”;

But after updating to a newer Android version from Google Play all my files are removed and the player must start from the beginning like he has never played before.

What am I missing? Thanks in advance

The default code uses the “company” and “file” meta-data from your project in order to get a storage directory, did either of these meta-data values change between versions?

EDIT: These values make more sense on the desktop where applications are using a shared space, I wonder if we should force these values to dummy values in the future on mobile in order to keep it consistent since each mobile application has its own sandbox

Thanks for that fast response.
I think you pointed at my problem since i decided to change the file name in the new version since I decided to change the name of the game.

Fortunately i am during testing period :wink:

How can i check my default directory in my phone?

I think the easiest patch for now is to leave the file name the same as before, and still let the title change (at least on mobile)

I do not remember where the application storage directory is on mobile, perhaps someone else can answer? We use an SDL API on native in order to retrieve the directory path :slight_smile: