Remove address bar

how to remove address bar in web brower application?

According to StackOverflow, you should be able to use HTML5 fullscreen to hide the address bar.

The latest OpenFL should use this on HTML5 when you use stage.displayState = FULLSCREEN in compatible browsers :wink:

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Request for fullscreen was denied because Element.requestFullscreen() was not called from inside a short running user-generated event handler.

ok i got it thank you very much

unfortunately it doesnt work on ios safari browser

There are hacks that worked in old versions of iOS, but I’m not sure it’s possible anymore. I only see solutions like:

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I have some issues on landscape mode with the adress bar on ios safari because Apple doesn’t support fullscreen on mobile.
My app is not properly scaled on ios safari:
I can’t see what’s under the adress bar or I can’t see the bottom of my app because my app is below the adress bar with a too high height. So 2 different annoying issues…

But I think I find a workaround, here is my code:

//add in your init method
if (Helper.isSafariMobile) {//replace by a browser sniffing
    Browser.window.addEventListener('orientationchange', onOrientationChange);
function onOrientationChange():Void
	if(Browser.window.orientation == -90 || Browser.window.orientation == 90)
function fixSafariMobile():Void
	onResize(null);//your resize method
	Browser.document.body.scrollIntoView();//force the view to move below the adress bar => fix issue 1 = Browser.window.innerHeight + "px";//innerHeight is smaller than css height property set to 100% => fix issue 2

I’m using a delay with Actuate because the appearance of the adress bar is animated so we need to wait to have the correct innerHeight.

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I’m having problems with fullscreen in Safari, it looks like it doesn’t want to switch to fullscreen anymore…
iOS is updated to the latest version.

I never seen the fullscreen working in iOS Safari : it’s impossible in Safari mobile.