Reloading again

hi there, :slight_smile:
is it possible to reload some data from the same url…

like if i load some data from url…and after that if i load it again ? …

problem is that code simply just doesn’t attempts to load again, and this prevents me to check for any errors occured while loading at that time…

I’m sorry for elaborating so badly… :frowning:


Not sure about your specific case, but a hack-ish solution to avoid caching is to use dummy parameters, like
and then just increment “a” with each call

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that does it!!
very much thanks !! :slight_smile:


You can use Assets.cache.version for a unique cache-break string on each build of your project, this way, it will remain cached after loading the same build of your project, but it will break if you recompile. This may help for certain types of resources, like:

var url = "" + Assets.cache.version
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thanks ! that’s helpful :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry for replying so late , i didn’t looked this page for a while…