[Release] Starling Extension: Animate CC "Texture Atlas" Animation Port

This extension allows to parse and play “Texture Atlas” animations created with Adobe Animate CC.

Different to what the name suggests, the “Texture Atlas” export option of Adobe Animate actually does not create just a texture atlas from an animation (that would be the old “Sprite Sheet” export), but it’s an alternative to libraries/tools like “Flump”, “Spine”, “Dragon Bones”, or “GAF”.

Can official support be added to this plugin with OpenFL?

Third libraries don’t work properly.

2 libraries exist already. Try to see which one is the most close to completion and send feedbacks, issues or even pull requests in its github repo. I’m pretty sure a lot of work has been accomplished and they need few bugs fixes to be completed.
What problems did you encountered?

Some animations are not working properly. (non-starling)

There is no document and it doesn’t work and there is no issue section on the github page.

Did you try this one? https://github.com/miltoncandelero/OpenFLAnimateAtlas

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I tried it is not working properly.

State Of Third Party Libraries

Some animations are not working properly (non-starling library)

Doesn’t parse some animation textures.

Not working (non-starling library)

Fully Working

Tested on Atlas Version 20

Good job! Glad you make it happens!
Is it also working on non-starling?

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just starling but i might be added openfl support

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it would be perfect if you want to port.
I do not master openfl’s sprite libraries.

I’d rather go with Tilemap than regular Sprites but my plan is to stop using Animate, so I’m not sure I’ll have the motivation. I hope somebody else in the community will find the motivation to add the port :slight_smile:

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Are these all original extensions or are any of these ports of AS3 libraries?

these are all the haxe port of the original starling plugin.

Library Link: https://github.com/Gamua/Starling-Extension-Adobe-Animate

Okay! Let’s pick the winner and contribute it to https://github.com/openfl/starling and have an official port

I’d prefer one that’s as close to a line-by-line parallel port as we can get.