Release: Lime 7.2.1

Hi everyone!

We have a new minor release of Lime with a few important changes:

Lime 7.2.1 (01/07/2019)

  • Updated howler.js to 2.1.0
  • Improved the internal HTTP request limit for better transfer speed on HTML5
  • Improved the performance for native HTTP requests
  • Improved the quality of embedded font meta-data on the HTML5 target
  • Improved lime.utils.Assets to allow disabling or setting the cache break number
  • Fixed Window to not dispatch onClose on HTML5 (due to some mobile browsers)
  • Fixed ability to cancel context menus on HTML5 when they occur on mouse down
  • Fixed font support for some video game console targets

The font change is important if you are targeting HTML5 using OpenFL 8.8, which begins relying entirely on the embedded font meta-data for more accurate text placement across multiple browsers. Chrome-based browsers had a regression in recent releases that makes it’s rendering more similar to Firefox, but breaks our previous approach.

Updating Howler also addresses some audio issues we were experiencing with older versions, and includes patches we made for better IE support.

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