Reinstalling Haxe

I’ve been using haxe 3.2.1 and everything’s been fine until haxelib.exe just got removed by avg with an apparent virus. Before I completely reinstall haxe, I’d like to know if there’s a way to download only haxelib.exe.

If I must reinstall haxe, will I also need to install openfl and all my libs again from scratch? I’d rather not go through the whole process of installing everything if I don’t need to.

What’s the least painful way for me to restore haxelib.exe?

Turns out I had haxelib.exe in a zip folder already on my PC. I copied it to my haxe directory and it worked.

Glad you solved it, but for anyone who has this problem in the future, my advice is to make a copy of your Haxelib folder (the one named lib, not the one containing haxelib.exe), reinstall, and then restore that folder.

Honestly, I doubt reinstalling Haxe would remove your libraries, but you might as well back them up, just in case.

The old Haxe installer (3.1?) might have removed it, but current ones do not – you’re safe to install over the top, at least on Windows :wink:

So, 3.2.x and on are safe to install over the top then? Just to be clear.

At least, yes, I do this all the time on Windows, I forget what the Mac installer does

Good advice. Backup is always a good idea.