Red display on Galaxy S3(Mali-400)

I just started with OpenFL.
I create simple “hello world” application and try to run this on android.
On 5 devices all looks good, but when I try run app on Galaxy S3 I got red screen.
If I add some graphics to stage, this graphics will be visible but in red overlay.
For sure I check app on another Galaxy S3 and got same problem.
I try to run another OpenFL apps from GooglePlay and they work fine on Galaxy S3.
I use OpenFL 3.3.8.

I think I found a fix, related to this post:

It’s in Lime now, hopefully we can test:

If you are not on development builds, I can post again when we have some built to test. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Works!
I took for testing build “” ( ).

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Great! One more Samsung bug down :wink: