Recommendations for OpenFL Sandbox?

What do you guys recommend for an online OpenFL sandbox? Here’s one I was playing with:

It would be great if we could have a standard style sandbox for OpenFL projects. I think using JavaScript would be a good way to do it, so it’s fast and works client-side. Another option (other than the above, which uses NPM directly) is to reference OpenFL from CDNJS as a script, then to use the global window versions (like var sprite = new openfl.display.Sprite ();, etc)

Any input/feedback on an online playground/sandbox/pastebin that you think could work as a go-to solution for this is welcome! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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While I do not have any recommendations I’d quite interested in such a sandbox!
Are there any news on this?

It looks like the URL for the bitmap expired, here’s a quick fork that does work:

I think there’s a way to make a default CodeSandbox template, which could be used as a starting place, and possibly even hosted at a or other address.

Certainly open to other ideas! I think this would be neat to have


Go to

It should open a default sandbox, ready to be edited. It’s ES6 JavaScript, but I believe we could set one up for TypeScript.

We might be able to do a try.haxe version that uses JavaScript. For now, give it a try, and we can change it to another service if we find something better :grin: