Reading and writing to a file

I would like to know what is the analogue of the FileStream (Flash) class in haxe, I create the android application and I need to read and write to the files in the installation directory of the application ?

On Android, applications are not extracted – the OS keeps it inside a zipped APK, so there is no writable installation directory

However, you can use, which writes to Android application storage, or you can use a system directory (lime.system.System has a few you can check) and use sys.Filesystem or to write there :slight_smile:

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Actually some files are extracted (for example *.so libs).
There is Context.getFilesDir() link to get folder, where app store all data (including shared preferences).

Typical application folder looks like:

|- cache <- android put various cache files here
|- databases <- SQLite databases
|- files <- user files
|- shared_prefs <- shared preferences
|- libs <- .so files

P. S. In some cases some particular folder (eg files) may not exists, so you must create it by yourself.

lime.system.System.applicationStorageDirectory should work for android (internally it calls SDL_GetPrefPath(), which call SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath(), which probably calls Context.getFilesDir()