Read bsp file like Quake or Half-Life? And How do i load library?

Hello dear folks,

I found HaxeQuake and HXQuake or other projects and they are very old…

I want to build Engine with openfl/lime ( GL )

BSP Format 29 iss Half-Life Engine
31 is Xash Engine ( Russian modifed Custom Gold Source Engine

Wad files and bsp files are original from Goldsource Engine. And i don’t understand how do i Lumps or defines to Haxe format?

example bspfile.c / bspfile.h is C / header to bspfile.hx
wadfile.c / wadfile.h to wadfile.hx

Is it possible C Header to Haxe structure format?

I am using Windows 7 Pro x64 and Haxe 3.2x, Openfl 3.6 and lime 2.9


Perhaps one of those projects has a parser that could be borrowed or updated if it does not compile with the newer Haxe compiler version?

Or does Away3D have parsers?

Sorry long to no answer because Away3D and Lime have bug because wrong color like SkyBox with blue color?

Why do you not say me truth about Away3D with OpenFL 3.6.0 But Away3D is incompatibility to OpenFL 3.6.0 and it compatibility only OpenFL 2.2.4 I can not understand why does it happen with Away3D and OpenFL 3.6.0

I am really sad because Away3D makes us buggy I want build own GameLauncher for my future.

How does somebody fix Away3D with newest version of OpenFL 3.6.0?
If i use Lime 2.9.x

Basic_Skybox, Basic_View, Basic_Load3ds and others have problem to load with Lime apps than they crash if it loads from directory “embed” and stopped working.

Alternative to Away3D??

PapervisionHX? ( Ex Engine of Papervision3D ) ?

Or other name if you know 3D Engine for Lime/OpenFL/HTML5


Try opening an issue in Away3D. Remember to include the exact steps to reproduce the bug.

You can try BabylonHx.

Yes but BabylonHX has problem yet when lime build as windows app than window doesn’t see 3D engine. where is loading resource i have copied to assets and it doesn’t show why???

I am really mad because BabylonHX and Lime won’t work if i am using lime 2.9.0 and BabylonHX 1.0.0 than i try BasicScene than it can not to show sphere and pane.

How do i fix it?

I found it problem of Away3D That is why I need to set up build like this “openfl build window -Dlegacy”

I have tested with Basic_Shading wow realistic lights and normalmap wow. awesome.

Now I understand that.

If you are sure - I have build bsp for Half-Life bsp format 30. It just reads to Half-life bsp file into Openfl and lime-legacy look like realistic so close Trinidy Renderer.

Problem with BspEnity:

How do i know if player controlled with keyboard and mouse like a for left move, d for right move, w for forward move, s for backward move, e for use/switch button or scientist/banny, Chtr for duck, freespace for jump, f for switch flashlight, r for reload amon of weapons. and mouse for origin of player,m left mouse click like attack, shoot and right mouseclick if weapon with bomb thrower like RPG or switchable red light of weapon.

If you do not understand than you can try to play steam Half-Life and It is simple game but i want move to hxe, openfl + lime game application because I find very nice with Away3D and Physic of Away3D look very awesome because they make realistic like custom gold source engine using Haxe :smiley:

I want they know about wad, spr and mdl and tga types for my own haxe-game

because i have speamwarp openfl-extension here because i can build together than I would like to release my own haxe game like old version of Half-Life will throw than haxe-game Half-Life ( Goldsource ) My own haxe game is gslauncher ( short of word: Goldsource Launcher ) and gsds is goldsource dedicated server. because I really want improve that because bad russians rush and injury to Amercians that is why I want we need to prepare to help I create and build own haxe-game. Thanks for support and help my development.

And where is FileSystem for root directory of gslauncher ( i build it and I want load default game directory like Half-Life/valve is default directory of Half-Life.
example for Windows:
gs-engine.ndll <- engine loader using native extension
/mymod <- it is default game directory

  • /libs <- directory for ndll files like client.ndll and gs.ndll <- native extension if default game directory loads correct library like libgam.gam file example gamedll dlls/hl.dll
    /othermod <- example who created mod for goldsource launcher

I hope you understand my suggestions…

Hand why does it happen with Away3D shadows???

Thanks! I would like to fix realistic shadow and light