Raspberry Pi Zero Lime

It seems Lime doesn’t compile for raspberri pi zero:

In here https://github.com/haxelime/lime/blob/1b809a4918780e01f73c9dfdb608ba83a3cfbde7/tools/platforms/LinuxPlatform.hx#L305

you have these commands


I understand arm-linux-gnueabihf targets ARMv7 but rasperry pi zero is ARMv6

Now it doesn’t seem to crosscompile from linux. But it doesn’t work even when I compile from raspberry zero. I think it should also compile to raspberry pi zero from other raspberrys , and this seem easier

( just a few flags to add )

Here is the toolchain for crosscompiling to raspberry


Was someone ale to compile Lime for raspberry zero ?

I’m here for now.

Using host libthread_db library “/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libthread_db.so.1”.

Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
0xb5e72c74 in InitDevice () from /home/pi/Development/haxe/dev/lime/ndll/RPi/lime.ndll
(gdb) backtrace
#0 0xb5e72c74 in InitDevice () from /home/pi/Development/haxe/dev/lime/ndll/RPi/lime.ndll
#1 0xb5e75adc in alcOpenDevice () from /home/pi/Development/haxe/dev/lime/ndll/RPi/lime.ndll
#2 0xb5c263ac in lime::lime_alc_open_device(HxString) () from /home/pi/Development/haxe/dev/lime/ndll/RPi/lime.ndll
#3 0x0008c050 in lime::media::openal::ALC_obj::openDevice(String) ()
#4 0x00ba8d78 in lime::media::OpenALAudioContext_obj::openDevice(String) ()
#5 0x0018f80c in lime::media::AudioManager_obj::init(hx::ObjectPtrlime::media::AudioContext_obj) ()
#6 0x00d3f330 in lime::_internal::backend::native::NativeApplication_obj::__co

It seems it to works without OpenAL ( just tested trace, haven’t testes on a screen yet). Now how can we make openal work ?
(PS: did somebody made openfl work with Raspberry 4, I have a totally different problem there)

we have to remove the neon arm in files.xml and config-linux https://github.com/native-toolkit/openal/search?q=neon

maybe we have to remove also the neon reference in pixman and other libraries …

I still have some problems. When I use a touchscreen, the touches don’t translateinto mouse clicks even though I have `MultitouchInputMode in the good mode