Raspberry PI 3 : lime-legacy.ndll


Currently I’m stuck on a legacy ndll that haxelib is searching for.

I’ve tried many different libraries and I might have mixed the wrong libraries and compilation/build settings.
So to avoid spamming this post with I just ask how I should do it rather than list all the possibilities/errors and challenges that I faced.
I tried following the ’ raspberry pi 2 anyone ’ thread. It is massive and I got confused a lot.
I found the http://www.gepatto.nl/get-piratepig-running-on-a-raspberry-pi-2-with-raspbian-jessie/ post to get me as far as I’m now but I am trying to use Stencyl to make games and it now fails on finding : RPi/lime-legacy.ndll

So : how to create the lime-legacy.ndll ?

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Hey @mdotedot

OpenFL support that I’m trying to do is only focused on OpenFL-Next.
This is because as far as I know only SDL2 does hardware acceleration on the Raspberry Pi.
Without hardware acceleration you will only get max 2-3 fps on the Raspberry Pi 2 (maybe 4-5 fps on the Raspi 3?)
and that’s just no good for anything

Hey Thanks Patrick,

Awesome blog and cool art !

So basically : if something is looking for legacy stuff I’m on the wrong track?!

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On the Raspberry that’s a Yes,

First thing I tried (and failed) was haxe-flixel. :frowning:
I guess real use of the Raspberry Pi as a target platform will come once other libs will start using Openfl-Next.

But in the meantime I’m researching the hell out of it :wink:


OK Thanks I will continue tweaking my process and see what happens.

Dank u wel en veel plezier met uw Pi !

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I now see, HaxeFlixel CAN target openfl-next. by adding
<set name="next" />
to your Project.xml

But the Breakout example is crashing for me unless I Disable the Flixel sound management code