Raspberry Pi 2 anyone?


Well, in that case, you should be able to preventDefault on an OpenFL key up event, or window.onKeyUp.cancel () if you are using Lime APIs directly :slight_smile:

I think it’s safe to have a default exit built-in, so you don’t get stuck! :grinning:


I Agree. :+1:

Having to remotely logout a tty isn’t everybody’s cup of tea


SUCCESS - DisplayingABitmap now up and running.

Thanks again for the help.

Ctrl+C might be a good key-stroke for exiting the app…

Started looking at the Google Assistant SDK on the Pi and thought about a little OpenFL front-end for it using a 3.5 TouchScren LCD panel I’ve got but aren’t using, rather than the usual LED setup most people have.



Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

I just ordered my Google Voice Ai Kit last week
hope to be getting it soon


You don’t really need the kit, just a microphone and a speaker. The Assistant SDK now supports the ‘OK, Google’ voice activation so no need for the button press - which is cool.

Will keep you posted on progress…


It’s too bad that the Voice-recognition service is only available as a paid service in the EU.
Was looking into a combination of AIY, OpenFL and Servos (the motors I mean) as well.


Hey. If you use the Google Assistant SDK (can’t speak for the AIY box but I thought it was essentially the same but with some hardware bits) it works. I have it up and running without any payment AFAIK - and the UK is just about still in the EU for now.

It responds to ‘OK Google’ and interacts as you would expect. As part of the process, an event is fired on speech recognition completed and gives you the text of what you said, at which point you can process the text and stop the rest of the assistant conversation and do what you want.

I’ve used this in a simple test to switch on/off the RPi LCD touchscreen backlight by voice command. e.g. Screen on/Screen off. Works a treat.

I’ve not had chance to hook it into OpenFL yet though.


The above script is deprecated, use this newer one: