Questions about next OpenFL 9.0.0

  1. How stable is currently dev branch to switch for production project?
  2. Is there any approximate release date / month / year? :slight_smile:

I really want to try new swf exporting method and add some scaling features.


I believe the develop branch should be stable for production, but there are occasionally regressions so tested is recommended.

It might still be a few months before the next release. It’s dependent on finalizing/stabilizing the features I want in this release. The plan includes:

  • Stabilized new SWF format
  • Performance improvements
  • Maturing the auto-batcher in the OpenGL renderer
  • Integrated HW support for vector shape rendering
  • Finalizing the “Timeline” API for populating MovieClip instances
  • Maturity of scale9Grid and alpha-blended masks would be great
  • Also considering removing Lime as a requirement on OpenFL/HTML5
  • I want to try and move the rest of our devops to Github as well if I can