[QUESTION FOR THE MASSES] can HAXE/OPENFL live code & if so, how?

howdy folks,

now that we have been shown the way from mr. victors talk some years ago on constantly seeing results in IDE and languages, text editors etc, and plus with the other text editor/ide called light table that took mr. victors talk and made it a reality, in some ways.
can HAXE/OPENFL achieve the same thing? can HAXE/OPENFL deal with live coding?

im interested because while closing and starting again is okay since HAXE/OPENFL doesnt burn your computer, it would be a nice thing to really see. because its damn useful in the end. and would really fit a great platform like HAXE/OPENFL so well

this isnt so much to ask or say that this should be done right now :wink: but more to enquire than this is a great path to go. because it would make dev time much better.
also not saying that this should be built in, because not everyone wants the same things, but the option is nice if it is possible.

if you do not know who i am on about. here is a video. i still watch it to this day. called inventing on principle, its a beautiful talk. i suggest you watch his others if not. a great mind and thinker

many thanks

Have you looked at https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/hscript
I don’t think it’s exactly what you want but it would be cool to build some sort of text editor that could be plugged into an OpenFL project and allow you to play around with logic during runtime.

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oooh. not seen that before.
it definately would be cool to see something. im mean even if it was just a haxelib thing, where you download it through haxelib and it becomes possible right off the bat with no extra settings in a project.

anything, really, would be cool :wink: