Question about VScode

Hey there,

I’ve just started to use VScode with haxe/lime extention without any issues but, I notice three features missing (or i don’t find them).

  • Class/package auto renamed/refactored throught the project when we change the name or the folder emplacement of the .hx file (like flashdevelop made)

  • Property/Method/Class auto renamed/refactored throught the project. It only work with local variable (using F2) , the “Search And Replace” tools do the work but not throught the entire project. (Like flashdevelop made with left clik-> refacto->rename)

  • Auto-Class/enum/interface generation when we create a new .hx file. (but it’s ok with auto-completion, just a cool features)

Any tips/extention to retrieve this features on VScode ?

By the way, other features is better than FD in my opinion.

So, no solutions ?

thx anyway.

These features don’t exist for Haxe in VSCode yet.

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thanks for the answers :slight_smile: !

hope, it will come quickly haha.

In IntelliJ Idea refactor/rename works.

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