PVRTC and ETC2 (non ATF) Support

We are currently developing a game (desktop and mobile) that must be playable outside the common stores. On Android and iOS we have already fully functional webapps. The last big issue is the texture format. PNG works everywhere but we are hitting the GPU Memory limit. Proper support for other texture formats is needed…
It looks like ATF is supported in a very rudimetary way. We got the iOS Version running with PVRTC only ATF textures, but without any compression… No luck on Android so far, every option pnd2atf from Adobe offers is not working…
Are there any plans to support other texture formats like PVRTC generated by the Imagination TexTool? Like PVRTC for iOS, ETC2 for Android and DXT4 for dektop?
Proper texttures only comsume 1/4th of memory compared to PNG. You can test it here:

There may be a regression, but last I checked, we had PVRTX, ETC2 and DXT4 working, but we cannot use the compressed standard ATF texture because it uses the JPEG-XR format

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I’m not able to test with Android (let alone iOS) at the moment, but I can confirm TexturePacker with these settings is working on Windows targeting Neko.

I’d usually only tick DXT when targeting Windows, but for the sake of thoroughness I ticked them all for this test. Granted, it’ll only use the best option at runtime.

Hi I’m currently using the old version of Texture Packer that only support ETC1, and this is all my settings

i did not use compressed textures but i can’t load assets when testing on Windows and Android. i opened an issue here https://github.com/openfl/starling/issues/122

I wish to apologise. I hadn’t cleared my bin folder before my prior test, so it was successful because of older PNG spritesheets being imported, not the ATF’s.

Now cleared, when I try a Neko build again with ATF textures (no JXR compression), it fails.

There is currently a regression in openfl.

I didn’t find the time to propose a PR on github but there should be only little work to make it work, I guess.