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Hello community,

I am new to openFl.

I have quite a simple question (sorry for demanding to little from you :wink: ):

How can I implement a macro call into the project.xml that is similar to the .hxml tag -macro ?

I did not find it in the discription of the project.xml. And I have also tried to google it, without any result.

Thank you in advance.

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I think you could do it using <haxeflag name="--macro" value='keep("MyClass")' /> or something similar

Thank you for your reply.

But doesn’t <haxeflag …/> set a compiler flag like

class MyClass


What I am looking for is the equivalent of the project.xml element to


–macro “Main.aFunctionToExecuteOnCompileTime()”

So the compiler executes a function when it starts working.

Taken from

Use <haxeflag /> tags to add additional arguments in the Haxe compile process

<haxeflag name="-dce" value="std" />

This should be like adding to your HXML in normal Haxe projects

Thanks again for your answer, Joshua,

When I have tried your first reply, I have got an error message and thought, that I was using the wrong project.xml tag.

But after your second one, I have experimented a little. Now I know, that the openFl does recognize the “–macro” directive correctly.

The problem is, that there seems to be a different issue (maybe a bug (?) )

When I hand set the following tag within the project.xml

<haxeflag name="–macro" value=“Main.macroCallInProjectXml()” />

… the following errors are thrown:

C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/6,4,0/lime/system/System.hx:713: characters 19-58 : Class<lime._backend.native.NativeCFFI> has no field lime_system_get_device_model
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/6,4,0/lime/system/System.hx:744: characters 20-60 : Class<lime._backend.native.NativeCFFI> has no field lime_system_get_device_vendor
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/6,4,0/lime/system/System.hx:841: characters 22-63 : Class<lime._backend.native.NativeCFFI> has no field lime_system_get_platform_label
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/6,4,0/lime/system/System.hx:905: characters 23-66 : Class<lime._backend.native.NativeCFFI> has no field lime_system_get_platform_version

When I have the same function be executed as a macro on “classical” .hxml compilation, it works well…

The function executed as a macro is merely a simple trace() function…

public static function macroCallInProjectXml() : Void
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
	trace( "MacroCall did work!" );
} // macro public static function macroCallInProjectXml() : Void

If you (or anybody else) has an idea, what I am doing wrong, I would be thankful for any hint.

Until then I assume, that it is a bug.

I have opened an issue at openFl github.

Kind regards

Hmm, it sounds like perhaps now it is running, but it is hitting classes that are using CFFI. Is there way to make a new macro in its own file, and to test just a simple trace ("hello world") or something similar, to make sure that just calling a standard macro is not resulting in this problem?

Hello Joshua.

Surprisingly that worked.

I did not expect the solution to be that simple…

So thank you very much for your answer, Joshua.

Kind regards

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