Project XML format - <include /> bug?

I have two projects ProjectSlave and ProjectMaster . Both of them have image assets.
In the ProjectMaster in project.xml I include project.xml file from ProjectSlave and also try to load image from ProjectSlave . It’s ok, but when try to load the image from ProjectMaster , for some reason openfl.Assets could not load it.

Here short source code :
( 1 ) project.xml ( ProjectMaster )
<i nclude path="…/ProjectSlave/project.xml" / >
( 2 ) MasterMain ( main class of Projectmaster)
var bd = Assets.getBitmapData(“master_img/sportCar.png”); < — give error when have ( 1 )

Is it some bug when include two project.xml with assets tags ?

Here is the full project: ( target flash , works on html5)

I found the problem, working on a solution :slight_smile:

Okay, fixed! Thank you so much for the test case :slight_smile: