ProgressEvent.PROGRESS event fired only once for HTML 5 target


I am using the Loader class to load 2 .bundle files for my HTML 5 target
(Preloader.bundle and Main.bundle).

Once the Preloader.bundle is loaded, it loads the Main.bundle.
The problem I am facing is once the Preloader.bundle loads, the ProgressEvent.PROGRESS event fires only once for loading the Main.bundle. It shows only 1 standard progress value of 0.08999999999999998 every time.

Since the progress event fires only once, I am unable to show the progress on the progress bar in my Preloader.bundle. Please Help…

When we preload the default asset library, we hard-code the sizes of each asset file, in order to estimate progress better. Perhaps the SWF bundle (these are SWF files, right, or something else?) needs to encode asset sizes to improve the preload progress… or I wonder if we fire progress while the bundle is being loaded, or only after it’s loaded, and we begin to preload it’s contents?