Process to convert haxe/openfl project to native ios or native android resulting in readable java or objective-c / swift code?

What is the feasibility of converting haxe/openfl project to :

  1. native ios resulting in readable objective c / swift code
  2. native android resulting in readable java code


Before, I have used as3hx to convert as3 code to haxe. However I found that code was somewhat readable, but it was not correctly converted in the sense I could not use it directly for compilation without manually removing those issues.

Now for the question I asked I was looking at this page for the answers:

And it seems I can convert to java using the compiler option -java. However not sure, how much readable such code will be. Would it be possible to use that code directly into the Google Android Studio and compile it?

And what about ios ? Is their now option to convert to obj-c or swift directly? Would the code be readable such that I can use it into xcode and compile it directly?