Problems with HTML5 on Apple devices

we are developing a videogame and the target is HTML5. We are facing infinite problems, and they are mainly related to Apple devices:

  • fullscreen JS script works on desktop and Android, but behaves differently on different iPhone models
  • audio works but is distorted when music exceeds a certain amount of dBs on iPhone 5
  • audio sometimes works, sometimes does not work
  • on iPad mini and iPhone 4 loads to 100%, crashes and reload the page in an infinite loop

Do you know some guide or have suggestions to create Apple-friendly HTML5?

I don’t believe we have a fullscreen script in OpenFL for iOS, we stretch the full page dimensions, but don’t force the address bar to disappear. For that, I’m not sure if there are clever solutions out there for keeping the address bar hidden?

I’m not sure what to say about audio distortion, sounds like a bug? Nothing we can control :frowning:

As for crashing, is it crashing due to too much memory use, perhaps? Does -Dwebgl make any difference?

Yeah yeah, JS script is not part of Openfl, and audio distortion is a hardare problem: just to say that Apple devices are a pain in the ass, while on Android devices everything works a lot better.

About audio that works “randomly” I think the problem is a combination of streaming (Openfl does NOT preload non embedded sound files, loadSound/loadMusic just launch a sort of streaming, right?) and hardware controls (that allow sounds to be played only after a fisical interaction with display).
About crashes… I managed to run the game on an older Android device with the same amount of RAM, and I refuse to believe that iOS can’t handle the same game. I can try the webgl option, but I should compile a separate version for iOS, and I don’t know if Safari supports it.