Problems with Actuate, again

I’m still having big problems with Actuate when targeting HTML5:
I try to execute this tween

Actuate.tween (this, 1, { y: this.y + 100 } ).ease (Quad.easeOut).onUpdate(traceX, [x]).onComplete(exeNextTween);

but it looks like it doesn’t even start, onUpdate is never fired and onComplete is a mirage, while targeting Flash everything works: what’s the problem? Should I forget about Actuate and start using another tweening library?

What is your “this” object?

It is the object to animate, it extends Sprite and contains several subobjects.

I’m going to guess that this may be the same thing :slight_smile:

I will tell you as soon as I update the OpenFl libs.

Okay, try updating now

Looks like ENTER_FRAME is totally ignored in HTML5…

Could you see if you have the latest OpenFL installed?

Upgrading to OpenFl 3.0.6!

Perfect! It works correctly now, thank you!

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