Problem with sounds

I came across with strange behavior on ios phones, when playing sound for a long time it starts to hiss while on android and desktop everything is fine, has anyone had the same problem?
thank you

Might be related to this

Never found a solution. Shipping al my sound files in 48khz, 320kbps, in 4 different formats and iPhoneX still corrupts the sounds.


Thank you, that’s it i have the same problem,so sounds in 48khz sound good on all iphones except iphone X ?

Not even replicable on all iphone X. Some iphoneX have that problem, some doesn’t.

It is really a mistery for me. Since I export HTML5 I can overpopulate my builds with several audio format and if the names match howler (what openfl uses to play sounds on web) picks the one that best fits the target and I pray for the best.

Sadly I have no solution for you :sob:

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Thank you so much, at least now i know what is a problem and that it’s quite common.