Problem with opening DisplayingABitmap example in Safari

After installing OpenFl I created the DisplayingABitmap example on my Mac. Entering “openfl test html5” into Terminal gave me a successful opening and display of the OpenFl logo in Safari. It had the URL “”.

However if I opened the file index.html in Safari, it won’t load the image openfl.png. Through the developer view I get the message: “Failed to load resource: Origin Null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin”

I can open the image file itself in Safari and I can open index.html in Firefox with no problems.


Thanks in advance.

I think this regression may be resolved by this change on our development builds:

We’ll release a minor version soon with this fix, or you could try this patch locally on your system if you want to try it out immediately. Thank you :slight_smile: