Problem with Flash animationa and HTML5

Got a problem with Flash animations, i did every possible fix like changing the type = “swf” and converting it to bitmaps from the movieclip frames not working, any help would be amazing. as you can see it got up from 100mb upto 1000mb of memory usage incredible. W

What isn’t working? It doesn’t play at all? The memory usage is too high?

The SWF exporter supports “classic” motion tweens and keyframe animations but not the newer “modern” tween type yet

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Thanks a lot for replying, the animation works perfectly but spikes too high on memory and not reducing at all. any ideas what’s wrong with it? the code in it btw is only calling the asset from flash and importing the swf file nothing more so it’s weird why’d i have memory spikes.

Does the memory spike at a specific time, such as a part of the animation (perhaps that uses filters?) or when the animation restarts?

No filters at all, i even removed the keyframes to be sure and left only just 1 frame of the movieclip, the memory settles. But when i add a “keyboard movement” code like a left and right movement it increases memory from time to time despite removing the animation. any idea? because if there isn’t any fix on this i might just be using spritesheets instead.

Is it possible for you to share the Fla? How many frames does the animation have?

Also interested. Share please if you can

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The dev version (with the “animate” library type) has some better memory and performance characteristics but the efficiency of timeline animation is something that is in need of attention (the SWF feature was originally developed with single-frame objects in mind)

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Around 5 frames, yes sure

Thank you for the tip, I’m targeting HTML5, it’s understandable for swf’s performance on that platform, I’ve moved to Spritesheet the performance is much better.