Problem with Android target-sdk-version >= 30

Hi all,
when I compile for android with target-sdk-version >= 30 I get a white screen on ARM64 devices on Android 12 and 13. No issue with ARMv7 or the emulator (both x86 and x86_64).

It happens on several devices I could test on, and even if I compile the DisplayingABitmap demo.

My versions:

  • haxe: 4.2.5
  • lime: 8.0.0
  • openfl: 9.2.0
  • Java:
  • NDK: 21.4

I could reproduce the issue by simply adding <android target-sdk-version="30" /> to the DisplayingABitmap demo’s project.xml.

It is a known issue or something I’m missing from the config?


Edit: I must add that there is no crash and the logs are the same, no error, no warning, nothing.

Found the issue. The Androidmanifest.xml <application> was missing the attribute
It could be a good idea to add it to the android templates, as since November 2022 every update must target SDK >= 31, and apps that don’t do it will be deindexed from search on January 31, 2023.

It appears that the allowNativeHeapPointerTagging fix was committed to Lime’s 8.1.0-Dev branch back in September 2022, so it should be coming in a future update.