Problem rebuilding hxcpp

Hi Guys

I’m trying to use ndk r25b with openfl android build. from previous topics in forum thought I should rebuild HXCPP first. I’m using command “lime rebuild hxcpp android” but all I get is this error:
Error: Could not find include file “libs/std/Build.xml”
I can’t think of some solution, please help

thanks a lot

Try NDK r21e instead. I don’t think the Haxe tooling is compatible with r25b yet.

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Not effective, same error!

This is the command we use in the CI server to rebuild Lime for Android:

lime rebuild android -release -nocolor -verbose -nocffi

And, actually, I just remembered that, if you’re rebuilding Lime, you should use NDK r15c.

You can build an app with r21e, but the Lime library needs r15c for now. We have a branch where both use r21e, and it’ll be merged in the future. For now, r15c is required for rebuilding the Lime library specifically.

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Just out of curiosity, do you need a development version of Lime, or you can just use the current release on Haxelib? The current release on Haxelib always has prebuilt binaries so that you don’t need to rebuild them manually.

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Gosh, you are right. just changing the ndk version was enough.
Thanks a lot. :sweat_smile: