Problem playing sounds

Hello everybody.

I am in the endings of my first commercial developement using openFL. It’s a HTML5 developement and when I added the sound something strange happens. It appears the sound icon in the tab of the browser but I hear no sound. Happens the same with the included example(playingSound.hxproj), and if I tested with opera. Other websites like youtube works perfectly in the browser and also If I drop the sound file directly on it.
On the other hand my application plays the sound ok if I open it from chrome on the phone.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Could be a format issue if it works on some browser but not others.
Are you using ogg? (it should work with opera)

Yes I am using ogg. But just in case if it wasnt clear:

Device: PC - Browser: Chrome -> Displays icon in the tab ( like if it was playing but no sound )
Device: Phone - Browser: Chrome -> Sound Plays perfectly.

Both examples the one included on OPenFL and my app.

Could you test with a wav file, that format shouldn’t fail,
maybe there’s something special with your ogg that ends up breaking chrome.

Does it work in another browser on PC?

tested in opera with the same result.

In Internet explorer, playingSound.hxprj works fine ( and as I told you fails the same way in chrome )

Seems to be a problem with soundJS LIbrary.

I have problem with my Right speaker, now it works at least for debug

Thanks anyway for your responses.


I added a patch in the current version of OpenFL to help with balance, also, try adding MP3, OGG and WAV copies of each sound, all with the same name and directory, except the file extension. That enables us to use a file that is compatible with the current browser