Preloader stucks unpredictably for html5 export

There is a built in preloader, that shows up when making a html5.0 build. Most of the times it works good. But many a times, it just stucks in between. How can i make sure, that preloader never gets stuck ?

I cannot understand the problem, since most of the times, the page loads perfectly fine but other times the loader bar, stucks in between. And I have to hit refresh 2-3 times, to make it move on.

If you show the inspector, is there a JavaScript error, is that why it is stuck? Can you tell what file / type of asset it’s stuck on?

Have the some before.
In my case, when I adding .mp3 files into assets then preloader going stuck.
The solution was in changing by hands compiled .js file and replace line:

sound1.load(new + ".ogg"));


sound1.load(new + ".mp3"));

and then it works fine :smiley:

I had checked inspector, and sometimes listed issues related to fonts and sounds. However i don’t think that was causing it to stuck, as it displays many times, when it is running all fine.
Also if that was the problem, it should stuck all the times. Why only sometimes ?

Can i send you link privately ? I am not allowed to disclose and demonstrate publically .

Sure, go ahead and send a DM :slight_smile:

Thanks! I got your URL, and it works here on all browsers I tested. Can you tell if it occurs only on certain browsers or platforms, or does it occur on the same desktop system, intermittently, somehow?

Hmm… ya, it’s difficult to reproduce it. It happened with me on firefox with windows and mac. But like, 5 out of 100 times. I got it stuck, I waited for like a minute, then i refreshed 2-3 times, and then it moved ahead. Anyway, next time i will try to create a video, with browser console open. Thanks for your time.