Preloader not loading swf on ios - Intel XDK

I’ve used the Intel XDK to compile an ios application from html5 files compiled with openfl.
On android it works, but on ios occur an error preloadind the .swf file.

The error is:
Preloader.hx:185: Error loading asset “assets/library.swf”

I have tested with the NyanCat sample and the same error occurs.

Do you know what is wrong?

What version of Lime and OpenFL are you using? Thank you :grinning:

The Lime version is: 3.7.2 and OpenFL is 4.7.3

Do other kinds of assets work on iOS with the XDK? We need a different path on native for assets on iOS, but I’m not sure how HTML5 would vary.

Perhaps if you add trace (message) to this function (in your copy of Lime), you would get more info on what’s going on

The message only traces “0”