Pra que, lime, PRA QUE?

galera, eu sinceramente não sei se sou burro, mas é o seguinte, por que o lime não encontra o arquivo de XML sendo que essa censurado tá NO DIRETÓRIO RAÍZ?

meu repositório pra vocês entenderem:

obs: isso é um jogo em Haxe


Guys, I honestly don’t know if I’m stupid, but here’s the thing, why doesn’t lime find the XML file since this censored file is IN THE ROOT DIRECTORY?

my repository for you to understand:

Note: this is a game in Haxe

I cannot open your repository URL. GitHub gives me a 404 error. Does it still exist? Is it private?

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eu esqueci desse detalhe :skull:

pronto, tá publico… eu acho

I see this error in Github Actions:

Error: You must have a “project.xml” file or specify another valid project file when using the ‘build’ command

You are getting that error because you run cd … before the build command. This changes the current working directory from the project root directory to the parent directory of the project root directory. The parent directory of the project root directory does not have the file named project.xml.

… eu não percebi que tava cd ...