Possible to use OpenFL, but only for rendering in a graphics application?

Hi, I’m wondering if someone could give me some pointers or suggestions on how to solve this. Basically what I want is try to build a simplified graphics application with Haxe (think Adobe Flash but “simplified”). I figure this has to be possible in some way but can’t seem to figure out how to set it up. So…

Is it even possible to set up an Haxe application in a way so that I have the UI displayed with whatever UI library I chose and then the graphics being displayed by either OpenFL or any another Haxe rendering library? If so, how would I go about this, are there any resources out there that go over this kind of setup?

OpenFL allows for native GL rendering mixed with the display list so in theory you could allow anything to perform GL rendering as well so long as it returns the context to the same state, or perhaps it would be possible to force OpenFL into software rendering?

The tricky part is deciding who manages the creation of the window

What UI library do you want?

Alright, cool! Just found the CustomRendering and a bunch of other samples!

To keep things simple I think I’m just gonna use StablexUI and do everything with OpenFL. But I’m still curious to see if there is an “easy way” to decouple the UI and the graphics rendering a bit more. What options are there for deciding who manages the creation of the window?

The basic architecture right now is that OpenFL accepts the window that Lime provides.

I’ve wanted to improve support in Lime for allowing a Lime application to run as a child of another application architecture – that’s really the place where we would have to handle getting a handle to a window or other code for a logical window that isn’t actually a full application

There’s an effort right now by a team of guys adding support to Lime to be used within a .NET application. We’re going to try and formalize that work so that Lime continues to support this scenario better

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