Position missing from Waxe?

When trying to specify the location of a StaticText control in Waxe, I am trying to figure out what this “Position” class is… https://github.com/akadjoker/waxe/blob/master/lib/waxe/1%2C0%2C2/wx/StaticText.hx#L9-L11 5

Naturally, I thought maybe an anonymous function may be the right call, like so:

_text = StaticText.create(_mainFrame, 3, “Hello.”, {x: 30, y: 30});
But that results in the x position still being 0, and y also 0:

Yeah, it looks like it’s a dynamic object:

so { x: 30, y: 30 } sounds right

However, it appears to be ignored in the constructor here of StaticText

EDIT: Nevermind that second point, I guess the params are passed in to a native constructor, then just the native pointer is passed further

EDIT2: As an experiment, you could try something like:

var position:Position = { x: 30, y: 30 };
_text = StaticText.create(_mainFrame, 3, “Hello.”, position);

See if it makes any difference? If not, the next step to debug would be within the C++ code for Waxe