Poor performance with -Dcanvas

When I compile my HTML5 project with -Dcanvas, A noticeable performance drop occurs.
Any idea how to get the render context without sacrificing performance?

Can you tell us more about what do you render and how? What kind of project is it?

I don’t have any performance problem using Canvas for web application but I didn’t tried for games (games need more optimizations to run smoothly).

I render tiles, using the new openFL 4.0 Tilemap and animate them, and I use to rotate sprites using Actuate, poor performance even with little number of tiles…

Technically, what happens when compiling with with -Dcanvas?

Tilemap uses canvas.drawImage for each tile, where WebGL would use a batch GL draw call. Canvas is suitable for up to (say) 6000 images (it depends on the system, of course) while GL may be 200,000 or more, based on how it uses the GPU better