Poll: Which target do you use most?

In honor of @Alex, I’m testing out the poll functionality.

So, guys, there are many targets available in OpenFL, but which do you use most while you are developing your projects? :smile:

  • I use Flash, fast-compilation all the way
  • I use Neko, I like fast compilation, but also like native
  • I use desktop C++, native all the way
  • I use the target platform, always, even if its slow to test
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C++ is slow to start with, but after the main codebase is compiled I find it faster than Flash. Since that’s the target I ship on ultimately, that’s what I go with.

  • Flash builds for logic testing. (75% of the time)
  • C++ builds for any rendering differences and most profiling. (10% of the time)
  • Target platform for performance and play testing and more profiling. (15% of the time)

Started using the profiler built into DConsole…really impressive.

I use Neko to debug stuff, because it compiles fast, it’s native and still gives you good debug info.
Flash is faster to compile, but you never know if the same thing will work on native platforms.
C++ or target end build (Android and iOS for me) is great way to test the final result, but not during development - too slow to compile.

Usually Neko for speed and native capabilities but FlashDevelop’s Flash debugger is very useful in some situations.

60% html5, browser’s debug tools all the way
25% flash, just checking compatability
15% native desktop/mobile

Thanks guys, this is really helpful :slight_smile:

@singmajesty can you share with us how this is useful, and/or what you plan to do with this information?

@ashes999 The poll was broken, it looks more interesting when you can see the real results :smile:

The first reason for it was to test the poll functionality, but this does help as I’m personally considering different options for both desktop testing (how to prioritize compile-time vs. consistency with other platforms) as well cross-desktop builds (like Mac to Windows builds)

It’s interesting, if nothing else :wink:

It depends really. Most often on Windows or Mac I will build to Flash, because we tend to make Flash games for the web rather than anything else. If I am on Linux then I use the Neko target because it’s quick and I don’t have a debug Flash Player on there.

If I am making a native build I’ll also use the Neko target to get fast compiling and similar (usually the same) results as the native targets. Native is much faster after the first compile, but any semi-significant change to my code and the recompile feels slower than blasting out a Neko build.