Poll: Where is the best place to host samples?

Hey guys,

It is difficult to decide where it is best to host samples. If we include them with each project (such as within the “lime” haxelib) then it keeps everything as one tidy package. However, this can discourage clean file searches, and can discourage the creation of many samples.

Another solution is to use a “*-samples” repository, such as “openfl-samples”, this allows the samples to be installed independently (and excluded when not needed), it can also promote the creation of many more samples, but this is another repository, is having “spritesheet” and “spritesheet-samples” too excessive?

  • I think samples should be in the same library, even if its bulky
  • I like having samples separate, using another haxelib for that is clean
  • I do think separate samples is good, but don’t use haxelib, download them somewhere else
  • We should not install samples, but we should have them available elsewhere