*.plist file to the root application folder not to the assets folder (ios)


I have a simple problem. I like to package a *.plist file into the root folder of my IPA. But the assets tag do package this file always into the ‘assets’ folder.

Best railnation

<assets path="GoogleService-Info.plist" type="template" if="ios" /> is not working
<template path="GoogleService-Info.plist" if="ios"/> also does not package the plist file into the IPA

I would recommend using <template path="" />, but make your folder structure mirror the one in Lime or OpenFL. There should be a default PLIST file, if you match the same file name and folder structure, the tools should be able to use yours

Okay, but the problem is that my firebase extension relies on the GoogleService-Info.plist file.

Which is throwing this error. Could not locate configuration file: ‘GoogleService-Info.plist’.

You could add an additional file, such as creating “templates/ios/template/GoogleService-Info.plist” and <template path="templates" /> and it should copy your additional file