Please help! Localhost:2000 runs the wrong project

When trying to test project in HTML5 in FlashDevelop, by some reason the wrong project opens up in localhost:2000! Please help!

Could be a cache issue, try reloading without cache with ctrl+f5.

You can also try lime test html5 --port=2001 to use a different port :smile:

I’ve faced this problem many times. Always browser cache…

Thank you, guys! It is cache issue, which is kind of annoying… but, thank you!!!

I just tracked this to FlashDevelop:

lime run (and similarly lime test) does not have this problem. In the meantime, perhaps use lime test from the command-line instead of FlashDevelop, or use a private tab in your browser and it might not cache

Hello guys, I had the same problem, I searched for a long time comparing the CMD (work) and FD (black screen) versions.
I finally found it! :slight_smile: it’s just that I don’t know why, from Flashdevelop, the browser tries to display it in port 2000, change to 3000 and the problem is solved.
Ooh shame, I only just read the first answer: | and indeed, clearing the cache also fixes the problem
(ctrl + F5).